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Decorum Pakistan aims to brings unique home decor designs at your doorstep. Each product is crafted only after the our valued customer places an order. We intend to provide maximum ease to online shoppers. Once you have chosen an item from our online store then afterwards it would hardly take a minute to place an order.

We keep a close check on the quality of the product. Our artisans work passionately on intricate details to make the designs alive. We usually take 2 weeks of delivery time.

We have tried to make the whole process seamlessly easy. As placing an order is simple, the rest is even simpler. You can track the status of your order too on our online store. While we would be working on the making of the product, you can get to know at which phase your ordered item has reached so far. You can also drop us a message on customer care page. There is an option of get in touch with us on a Whats App too. When you do that just share your order number and inquire about the current status.

Once the item gets ready, we can share the pictures of the final product with the customer. As all our products are hand crafted and made with natural materials therefore small variations can be observed. If you like your final product only then we would hand it over to the logistics company for delivery.

We use primarily cash on delivery as payment method which means you can pay at the time of delivery. We are trying to keep things simple in payment methods too. When receive your order only then you pay us. Though in some cases if the customer wants to pay in advance then that be done as well by sending us a message and we will gladly guide you through the process.

Customers convenience and satisfaction has been our prime focus. Henceforth, we strive to make things less complicated for home fashion enthusiasts in Pakistan.
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Written By : Decorum Pakistan Content Team

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