Go Green and Stay Healthy

With so much dirt and pollution around we should be surrounded by as many plants are possible. Let it be outside or inside the comfort of your home. With so many tech innovations these days such as TVs, smartphones or gaming consoles people tend to spend most of time in their houses. With little effort you can have a clean air at least inside. Recent study shows high percentage are effected by polluted air which is causing breathing diseases especially in large cities of Pakistan. Unfortunately, air quality index of Karachi and Lahore is one of the worst in the world. Lets discuss the ways to make things better at least in our homes. There are many types of indoor plants available in Pakistan which are considered air purifiers

1- Aloe Vera
2- Succulents
3- Spider Plant
4- Money Plant
5- Gul E Daudi
6- English Ivy
7- Bamboo Palm
8- Areca Palm
9- Peace Lily
10- Rubber Plant
11- Snake Plant
12- Chinese Evergreen
13- Cactus

All these plants removes carbon monoxide and other synthetic chemicals from the air. Most of them are easily available across Pakistan. Fill up your house with different type of plants and start to breath fresh. For unique indoor planters, do check our collection below.

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Written by: Decorum Pakistan Content Team.

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